Inclusive recruitment 

Our team has a wealth of experience across the recruitment lifecycle, so we can do everything from assessing your attraction and selection processes in our recruitment audits to designing a new selection process, or training everyone involved in recruitment. We’ve literally written the book on this…


For our lovely client Bauer Media, we wrote an interactive recruitment manual for their hiring managers to use every time they recruit. For more about how we support our clients in recruiting inclusively, click here. 

Building an inclusive recruitment program at Oxford Brookes University

"If I can sum up the experience of working with Trish and her fabulous team in just a few words they are: passion, energy,  ideas, pragmatism, positivity, solutions and commitment to the client.


A New Normal begins by fully exploring the brief and teasing out the underlying issues before they share fresh ideas and work with you to find innovative solutions. A great experience and would definitely work with A New Normal again."

- Ruth Davies, Chief People Officer

We supported the university with an end-to-end audit of their attraction and selection

processes, providing a comprehensive set of recommendations to move the organisation

closer to a best practice approach to inclusive recruitment.


We also supported the HR team with a series of workshops to enhance their understanding

of the practical applications of inclusive practices at work. We worked with the team to

deepen their individual and collective understanding of topics such as privilege, power, ally-

ship and bias. We also supported them in working through case studies of real-life



On an ongoing basis, we’ve provided ad-hoc advice for our stakeholders at Oxford Brookes

University, and are proud to be a trusted partner in this space.

Scaling up a graduate recruitment programme at a global CRM client

Our client’s Customer Success group had run a large-scale graduate programme for a year and needed to professionalise the programme to scale it across the globe.

They had a large group of stakeholders located in multiple countries, and a complex set of challenges that needed to be resolved rapidly.


We worked with them to design a three-day workshop with key stakeholders from across the globe. The workshop resulted in a clear plan of action for the business to take forwards to scale up their programme.

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