Discovery interviews and focus groups


Our skilled coaches and facilitators will work with key stakeholders and groups within the organisation to really understand the day-to-day experiences of the people who work with and for your organisation. We did this as part of our work with the fantastic folk at Audible, and you can read more about that programme of work here.


Policy and process audits


We know whilst policies and processes aren’t the “be all and end all” in this kind of work, it’s important to get this right. And it gives us a great insight into how your organisation work. We make recommendations, supported by our Employment Law Specialists, to ensure that all of your policies and processes are as inclusive as they possibly can be. This was a key part of the work we did with our wonderful client at Over The Wall, and you can read more about the work we did with them here.


Inclusive Recruitment audits


Recruitment is often seen as the “silver bullet” to “fix” any challenges around diversity and inclusion within an organisation, and whilst we don’t necessarily agree with this (you have to have the right culture to hold onto the talent you recruit), recruitment does offer a great opportunity to bring some different perspectives into your organisation. We’ll conduct an end-to-end assessment of your attraction, sourcing and processes, and make recommendations to get you as close as possible to best practice. This was a big part of the work we did with Bauer Media as part of their culture change programme. You can read more about our work with Bauer here.


Research, in partnership with great{with}talent


Our discovery interviews and focus groups give us a great opportunity to hear from a selection of people from your organisation and allow us to really get into the detail around the experiences of your people. We also often recommend working with our partners at great{with}talent to run an organisation-wide survey looking at both your demographics and the experiences of your people. As well as the rich insight and the shape this gives to your strategy and approach, running this kind of survey ensures that everyone has the opportunity to participate and have their voices hear, which is key when shaping your organisation’s culture.