Our content can be delivered in a number of ways:

In-person workshops


We love the opportunity to spend time in a room with our clients to start a conversation in person, and we’re hopeful that at some point in the not-too-distant future this will be an option again.

Virtual workshops


Using the magic of Zoom, we facilitate highly interactive online workshops for our clients. We know how much more energy it takes for our participants to stay fully engaged through these virtual sessions, and we adapt our styles accordingly to make sure that everyone involved still gets as much out of the sessions as possible. We typically recommend no more than 15 participants in a remote workshop to preserve the learning experience.

Video podcasts 

We love this covid-generated innovation which we initially developed for the amazing folk at Bauer Media. Our client was seeking a way of getting a really consistent set of content out across the organisation, based upon an inclusive recruitment workshop we’d previously delivered face to face. This soon became a series of video podcasts on inclusion, bias, inclusive recruiting, interviewing and ally ship. We retain the focus on action for our participants by providing “light-touch” pre-read resources, and a series of follow up actions in the format of “Book Club” style reading notes and questions.


All our content is tailored so that it links seamlessly with the culture of our clients, and we’ve run workshops on everything from Inclusive Leadership to a beginners’ guide to D&I, to ally-ship and bias. If you want to see and hear our team in action, take a look at some of the snippets here.