Inclusive recruitment audits

Recruitment is often seen as the “silver bullet” to “fix” any challenges around diversity and inclusion within an organisation. Whilst we don’t necessarily agree with this (you have to have the right culture to hold onto the talent you recruit), recruitment does offer a great opportunity to bring some different perspectives into your organisation.

We’ll conduct an end-to-end assessment of your attraction, sourcing and processes, and make recommendations to get you as close as possible to best practice. This was a big part of the work we did with Bauer Media as part of their culture change programme.


You can read more about our work with Bauer here.

Inclusive recruitment process design

Our expertise covers the entire recruitment lifecycle, from employer branding, through an inclusive selection process, all the way through to managing alumni. We’ll build on what you have in place to ensure that we get you as close as possible to best practice when it comes to inclusive recruitment.

Attracting diverse talent


We have experience in supporting clients across numerous sectors with attracting and hiring diverse talent into their organisations. We typically start with our recruitment audit to assess the challenges and strengths with your current approach, and then our team will support you with everything from your employer branding to finding new and exciting channels and talent pools.