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Inclusion isn't a "nice to have" - it's a crucial aspect of any business. People are the most important asset any organisation has, and, as  numerous studies have shown, when employees feel included and able to be their real selves at work, they are significantly more likely to perform better and to stay longer. With average recruitment costs in the corporate world heading towards four figures, this in itself is a compelling business case. 

Knowing this is important doesn't make it easy easy to alter the structures which prevent inclusive environments, which is why, for so many companies, this falls into the "too hard" pile. With the advent of Gender Pay Gap reporting and campaigns like #MeToo and #TimesUp, we can no longer afford to leave inclusion on this pile, which is where we can help. We believe that whilst the change to inclusive working practices might not be easy, it doesn't have to be scary. Our mission is to help organisations create "a new normal" enabling them to reap the benefits of a truly inclusive working culture. 

So why work with us?

EXperience across the talent lifecycle

Talent Development



Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Employee experience and alumni

Branding and Attraction

Recruitment Process

Hiring and On-boarding

We have experience working across the end to end Talent Lifecycle, from the articulation of an inclusive Employee Value Proposition, through the design of inclusive hiring programmes, including returnships, all the way through employee experience to alumni ambassador programmes. 

Additionally, we have experience working across the inclusion landscape, and can support you across all facets of the diversity spectrum, including Gender Balance, LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender +), Multiculturalism, Disability and Carers, Age, Social Mobility and Mental Health. 

Most importantly though, we are focussed on supporting all of our clients to achieve the outcomes which will make the difference in their businesses. 


Gender Balance


Disability & Carers

Social Mobility


Mental Health

expertise across the inclusion landscape

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We provide diversity and inclusion consultancy everywhere from London, Surrey, Hampshire and across the UK, to Europe and the rest of the world; helping our clients to build a diverse talent pool, and to create and sustain an inclusive working culture.