Our expertise

Every one of our clients is completely different to one another, so we don’t apply a “standard” approach. We know that for diversity and inclusion to truly be woven through the fabric of an organisation, any work we carry out has to resonate with the culture of our clients. So when you work with us, we’ll really take the time to get to know your organisation, its strengths and challenges, and we’ll come up with something which will provide a long-lasting impact.

Our process is based around three stages: discovery, design and delivery. We can work with you at each stage of the process, or just step in to support you with individual phases of your diversity and inclusion journey.


Our ultimate aim is to help inclusion become part of your business’s DNA.



Whether you know the broad area your main diversity and inclusion challenge falls into, or just have a feeling that something isn’t quite right, we can help you get to the bottom of it. Wherever you are in the journey we can use your data, our research, and market insights to help you understand where your problem lies, how big it is and how to start solving it.


We have experience tackling challenges across the inclusion landscape, and through the full employee lifecycle. So we’re perfectly placed to design a set of recommendations with you, that address your challenges and bring the maximum impact for your business. For some organisations, that might be all you need and we’re happy to set you on a path to help you flourish. Some organisations also like us to ...


Innovative solutions are our speciality! We have a proven track record in everything from strategy, branding and recruitment processes, to coaching, talent management and returnship programmes – so whatever intervention you decide to work on, we have the expertise to deliver it. We help you measure everything we do, either in-house or via our network of partners and associates, so you can be 100% sure it’s working.


Culture change

We work with you to create and sustain a truly inclusive working culture.


Attracting diverse talent

We'll help you create and articulate your employee value proposition, to attract the broadest talent pool.


Inclusive hiring

From designing the right kind of job ads to shaping your recruitment, we’re experts in inclusive hiring.


 Diversity & Inclusion training

We run interactive workshops to help people understand unconscious bias and other topics.


Inclusive talent management

Our qualified coaches provide support for teams and individuals up to board level.


Communication change

We design and implement 

communications strategies to maximise your inclusion work.