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Understanding why diversity and inclusion are important doesn’t mean it’s easy to alter the structures which prevent inclusive environments, which is why for many organisations it falls into the ‘too hard pile’. But with the advent of Gender Pay Gap reporting and campaigns like #MeToo and #TimesUp, businesses can no longer afford to leave inclusion on this pile – and that’s where we can help, in those organisations where we’re confident we can add genuine value.


We have experience working across the inclusion landscape, and can support you across all facets of the diversity spectrum, including gender balance, LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender +), multiculturalism, disability and carers, age, social mobility and mental health.


We can work with you to challenge barriers to an inclusive culture, through:

Culture change 

Creating and sustaining a truly inclusive working culture takes more than a quick fix: it takes a proactive, consistent approach and concerted effort. We partner with our clients to understand where you are now, and work through the change with you, side by side.


What you look, feel and sound like is everything. We can help you create and articulate your employee value proposition and make sure it comes through strongly in your brand and all of your marketing channels, so you can attract the broadest possible talent pool for your business.


We’re experts in inclusive hiring. We can help with everything from designing the right kind of job ads to shaping the way you go about recruitment, training your hiring managers, and developing a seamless on-boarding experience for both new starters and returners.


Unconscious bias and a lack of knowledge about inclusion are two of the biggest blockers of a truly inclusive organisation. We run engaging, interactive workshops to help people understand these topics, and the actions they need to take to create an inclusive workplace.

Talent management 

Our qualified coaches provide support for teams and individuals up to board level, that helps them create inclusive environments and to achieve their potential – collectively and as individuals. We also help organisations develop, retain and progress the right talent.


Once you’ve made the change,

then shout about it!


We have extensive experience in designing and implementing communications strategies to showcase and maximise the impact of your inclusion work, both internally and externally.


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We provide diversity and inclusion consultancy everywhere from London, Surrey, Hampshire and across the UK, to Europe and the rest of the world; helping our clients to build a diverse talent pool, and to create and sustain an inclusive working culture.