Our Upcoming Webinar: 

Are "privilege" and "unconscious bias" the two most controversial terms in the world of ED&I?


Although it should have always been a priority, we’ve seen companies taking the importance of D&I more seriously in recent years, especially after the murder of George Floyd. Within these conversations, language has been put under a microscope as we are noticing how powerful, harmful and emotive word choice can be. 

28th September 2022



In this webinar, the A New Normal founder, Trish Driver, will be in conversation with our Director of DE&I Consultancy, Julie Martins, discussing two of the most controversial terms in D&I: privilege and unconscious bias. Despite the strong reactions we see to these terms during many of our workshops, we see them as an opportunity to demonstrate active allyship, but more on that during the webinar.


We’ll be asking, why are these terms so controversial, why do traditionally powerful people tend to respond so strongly, and what can we do about it? Alongside this, we’ll be giving a background to the context of D&I and how it’s changed over the years, responding to calls that ‘woke culture’ is ‘political correctness gone mad’. 


This webinar will be taking place on the 28th of September at 11 am. The session will be recorded and emailed out afterwards to any attendees who can’t make it. 


You can sign up by following this link or using the QR code: https://bit.ly/39vdrWu