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Upcoming webinars

A New Normal webinars are a great opportunity to educate yourself. Our team of experts share their knowledge and explore what the new normal should look like in the workplace. We should all be aiming to do better and through our webinars you can be a positive force for change and improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in your business.


Take a look at our hot topics below and sign up to secure your place.

2nd March 2023

Psychological Safety and Inclusion at Work - Why you can't have one without the other.

Join our Director of ED&I Consultancy, Julie Martins, and our partner, expert in Psychological Safety, Ian Webster as they talk through the interwoven nature of psychological safety and inclusion at work; answering the question of why in this case, you can't have one without the other. Julie and Ian will draw upon their experiences of creating inclusive environments to discuss the value of a dual focus on psychological safety and inclusion. They'll also talk through the benefits our clients have seen from building environments which feel safe and inclusive for their people. 

You can expect an engaging conversation, pearls of wisdom and practical advice to create psychological safety and inclusive working environments. Everyone is welcome!

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Psychological Safety and Inclusion at Work
Business Colleagues

25th April 2023

Is Inclusive Recruitment really worth the hassle?

Join us as we ask our panellists whether inclusive recruitment is really worth all the hassle. Our panellists will be exploring the business case for diversifying your talent pools, and how small things make a big difference, and how changing our perspectives makes recruiting inclusively easier for everyone.

You can expect to come away with some practical, quick and easy steps you can take to ensure that your recruitment processes are as inclusive as they can possibly be.
We'll be covering the role of in-house and agency recruiters, as well as the part hiring managers and interviewers can play in making your organisation's recruitment as inclusive as possible - all are welcome. 

Is Inclusive Recruitment Worth the Hassle

Catch up on information you missed in our last webinar here:

Are "privilege" and "unconscious bias" the two most controversial terms in the world of ED&I?

We talked a lot in our recent webinar about how one of the huge perks of having an element of privilege is the ability to be a terrific ally. And one of the parts of being a great ally is “doing the work” to educate yourself about the experiences of other people.


So in that spirit, click the button below to see our “starter for ten” reading, watching the following list to help educate yourself on privilege and bias:

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