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The killing of Chris Kaba: Where are we now?

We've been following the case of Chris Kaba's shooting for almost two months now. As we referenced shortly after Chris was shot, we are increasingly bewildered as to why the case has not received the kind of coverage in the press you would expect from the shooting of an unarmed man, in London, in 2022, by the police.

We know that a number of our followers will also be following the case with concern, so wanted to provide a round-up of the scant coverage which has appeared in the media, and share some useful resources for those who want to stay posted on what is happening.

What do we know so far?

This Guardian article provides a useful outline of events a couple of weeks after the shooting.

On the 29th September, the Attorney General issued a Media Advisory Notice, confirming "the requirement not to publish material which could prejudice ongoing criminal investigations and potential prosecutions."

On 4th October, the IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) shared the wording provided in a statement at the opening of the inquest into Chris's death. You can read the full statement here.

Where to hear more

We're keeping track of what is going on with the case by following the family's official representative, Chris's cousin, Jefferson Bosela.

You can find Jefferson on twitter here:

Supporting the campaign

You can also join us in contributing to the fund supporting the #JusticeForChrisKaba campaign here.


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