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To our beautiful LGBTQ+ friends, colleagues and clients,

We wanted to write in celebration of LGBT History month to say thank you.

Our business is built on inclusivity – literally - We spend our days working with clients and

helping them to create safe spaces for all their people to be themselves at work, and to be

celebrated in doing so. We want to use the work we do to influence not only workplaces but the wider world because we believe that the differences between us are what makes all of us

unique and that getting those differences working together is where the magic happens.

Quite simply, we couldn't do our jobs without you, our LGBTQ+ team members, partners, clients and friends who courageously share their experiences, and help others outside the community understand the importance of proactive allyship. You act as role models (or as Laverne Cox refers to it as “possibility models”) for others in the community, showing them that they are not alone, that there are endless possibilities, and that the courage to be visible inspires and brings hope to others.

We're inspired every day by so many members of this beautiful community – from the high

profile like Amanda Jette Knox who wrote so beautifully about her own family experiences in

“Love Lives Here" (one of A New Normal's favourite books of 2019), the superlative Munroe

Bergdorf who is completely unafraid of speaking truth to power; to our friends within our clients like the wonderful Robin Morgan-Bentley - author, dad, role model and advocate for others with cerebral palsy, sharer of life's experiences, and Ross Tilley - the creative genius behind Hits Pride Radio; to those who've influenced us along the way - lovely Jane Steed who informed our founder many years ago that she shouldn't wait for a badge to consider herself an ally; and of course A New Normal's own wonderful Cheryl who has shown tremendous courage through her visibility as a trans woman, and brought hope to other trans folk of faith through her work on the Twilight People app.

Thank you for sharing your experiences, your lives, your sorrows and your joys. Thank you for

teaching us about allyship and its importance in day-to-day life. Thank you for your courage in sharing your unique you-ness. We value you, and we will continue to work hard every day to influence people through their workplaces and beyond to do better by all of our LGBTQ+

colleagues, friends and family members.

With love,

Trish Driver, and the whole team at A New Normal


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