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Face to face at last!

On 29th September, the A New Normal team (or at least 75% of them) were finally together in person after 18 months of remote working. Whilst we missed our wonderful Cheryl and Theo, it was so great for the rest of us to be together in person after such a long time.

It made me reflect how quickly we get used to different ways of working. I've definitely felt the benefit of working at home since March 2020 - it's meant that I have been able to be there for my kids, especially Baby J who was born in the middle of the autumn lockdown. I got so used to working remotely that I had managed to fool myself into thinking that I didn't miss face to face interaction. But I definitely do and did. It was amazing seeing everyone in 3D and seeing the delight on everyone's faces as hugs and handshakes were exchanged (after having pre-agreed and pre-tested!). There's something unapologetically joyful about seeing a close group of colleagues finally together again which has given me a real boost.

I woke up this morning more energised than I had been for a while, and excited for everything which is coming up for our team. We're launching three global programmes of work with one of our media clients, continuing on two transformation programmes of work with existing clients, and continuing to work on new projects moving forwards. It's an exciting time, and even more exciting now that we're getting the next face to face in the diary already!

A New Normal Ltd supports clients across the UK, Europe and Globally in building and sustaining truly inclusive working environments. So whether you're looking to unbias your processes, transform your culture or educate your colleagues, we can help. Why not get in touch with us - to see how we can help you grow diversity and inclusion at work?


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