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Resource Augmentation - the fancy way of saying "borrow our team"

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

We're really excited to be able to launch a brand new service offering to our clients. We know that the last twelve months have proved challenging on so many levels, and a number of organisations are rightly taking the opportunity to think about their approaches to diversity and inclusion internally. We love being part of this journey with our clients, and we feel we have a lot to offer from our multidisciplinary team of absolute superstars.

We also know that for some organisations, there will be more of a drive and desire to have someone working with them "in-house", and we've seen a very positive increase in roles advertised in this area. We know how very important it is to find the right people for these roles, and we also know that sometimes a permanent employee in this area isn't what's needed - you want someone to come and support in the short term, get things embedded with the right people and processes and then move on. We also know that sometimes organisations want someone who isn't full time for these roles.

So our solution for our lovely clients (present and future) is the whizzily-named "resource augmentation". It's a fancy name, but "borrow one of our outstanding team members to help you for a few months" wasn't quite catchy enough as a service offering name. What we hope this will enable clients to do is to bring one of our people into your business for as long or short a period of time as you want, to support the work you want to do around diversity and inclusion. We're completely flexible in the way we work, so you can borrow one of our brilliant extended team in a working pattern which works for you, safe in the knowledge that they have the full force of the A New Normal "hive brain" behind them.

And we can provide someone with specialist knowledge in your key areas of challenge, whether that's race and ethnicity, diversifying your tech recruitment or having someone who deeply understands an inclusive recruitment approach working as part of your team.


At A New Normal, we support our clients to build and sustain truly diverse and inclusive organisations, through culture change programmes, education, audit and recruitment. Our team of expert Diversity & Inclusion Consultants can provide; Diversity & Inclusion Training, Unconscious Bias Training, Inclusive Recruitment and Diverse Recruitment support.

We work across Hampshire, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Dorset and London, as well as across the UK and globally. So if you want to find out more, why not get in touch with us? We'd love to hear from you!


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