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We're hiring!

A zoom call screen with six people smiling
You too could be part of this delightful team of smiley faces... And who knows, maybe one day we'll all be in the same room again!

We're so excited to say that we are looking for a Communications Assistant to join our growing team through the Kickstart Programme (for candidates aged 16-24 who are on Universal Credit). We wanted to take this opportunity to bring in some new talent to our team, and also provide a great opportunity for someone who wants to start their career in the inclusion space.

The role will be working alongside our fantastic Comms and Social Media Manager, Theo, to do all manner of creative goodness - creating infographics, blogging, supporting with our social channels, curating content for our clients, and creating impactful comms and beautiful presentations to articulate key messages. There will also be opportunities to get involved in our workshops with our clients, so whoever ends up in this role will have the chance to grow their knowledge of inclusion, privilege, ally-ship, bias and all manner of other diversity-related topics.

The ideal candidate for the job will be someone who gets as excited as we do by the idea of influencing workplaces and the world to be fairer and more inclusive. We're always looking for creative ways to bring complicated concepts to life, so if you have a passion for creating beautiful visuals, writing blogs, or just telling a good story, this could be a great fit for you.

We're really proud of the way we work - it's really important for us to have trusting, open and honest relationships with each other and our clients. We work in a really equal way, and will have really open conversations about the things we're passionate about so that we're all getting as much as possible out of every day at work. We work hard, but we're very flexible, and we recognise that people have other things in their life besides work.

The formal job spec is below - if you're interested, please do get in touch with any of us:

Trish - our Founder

Kate - our Business Ops Manager -

Or you can contact our recruitment team (stating that you are interested in applying to A New Normal).

Communications Assistant - Six Month Kickstart Placement

We're a consultancy business which partners with incredible clients across a number of different sectors to help them embed truly inclusive working environments, and attract, develop and retain diverse talent. We are a small business created by our Founder, Trish Driver, a Diversity and Inclusion Strategist with over 15 years’ experience of working with a wide range of clients. A New Normal is built on the pillars of Trish’s passion for her subject, genuine expertise, creative problem solving and authenticity. We are a small, friendly team of people with a range of skills and backgrounds. What unites us is our enthusiasm for and absolute belief in the power of inclusivity and all the incredible stuff that difference brings to the workplace. We’d love someone to join us who shares our values and brings a different perspective.

As the company has grown, we need some help in various areas that come under the general umbrella of Communications. We hope to offer a role that is interesting and engaging with a variety of responsibilities, allowing you to be creative, enquiring and collaborative. You will gain an insight into how we work closely with our clients to build exactly the right strategy for them to best drive diversity and inclusion within their organisations. We always welcome ideas and suggestions from every member of the team so you have the opportunity to make your voice heard and really contribute to A New Normal.

Areas where we need help

1. Assisting our Social Media Manager:

Our online presence, be it our website or social media channels, is particularly important to us. We are passionate about getting our message out there, growing our profile as thought-leaders in the D&I space and celebrating different clients and causes. We would like someone to assist Theo, our Social Media Manager which could mean helping to create our monthly social media plans, basic image editing, sourcing content relevant to our audience, writing and editing blogs and much more! We’re a small team and on occasion, you may get the opportunity to expand your horizons and do something a little bit different.

2. Workshop support:

Our way of working in this time of social distancing is running workshops via Zoom. We need assistance with the pre and post admin, setting up the calls, helping to run the functionality during the workshops and collating and analysing feedback. No experience necessary, everything can be taught.

3. Research:

Are you interested in learning new things? Do you have a thirst for knowledge? We are always looking for more information whether it be researching potential new clients to understand how they tick, getting under the skin of company policies, drawing out key messages from employee surveys, finding out what is going on in the world and what might apply to A New Normal and its clients. We are looking for someone who will be tenacious in finding the information we need and, even better, the information we didn’t realise we needed!

4. Company branding:

We have a specific look and feel to our branding that is reflected in everything we produce from pulling together a client update, ensuring our reports have the right format or our education material. We would like someone to help us with the formatting of these items and ensure that everything meets the high-quality consistency we expect of ourselves.

What you can expect from us

You will have mentoring and support from other team members, you may not be in an office with us, but we are here to help. We are not looking for perfection but potential. We will give you full training where needed and can provide technology if you don’t own a laptop or computer. We all work flexibly in a way that suits us so we can discuss how you would like to work your 25 hours. Please do not feel you have to ‘tick every box’ in order to apply; if something here is connecting with you and you think you can offer us passion, dedication and creativity, do give us the opportunity to meet you.

About You

We are looking for someone with a genuine passion for inclusion at work. A New Normal isn't just a business to us - equality and inclusion are at the core of who we are as human beings, so we want someone who cares about this as much as we do.

It would help if you have an understanding of what inclusion and exclusion really mean - personal perspective can really help here, but a willingness to engage in the experiences of others is absolutely vital as well. The work we do can be emotive so an approach that is empathetic and compassionate helps a great deal, together with thought given to the language used in every situation.

We're looking for someone who is open to learning new skills, listens to guidance, pays attention to detail and has pride in their work. You will work from home (although hopefully there will be opportunities to travel and meet up with the team later when it is safe to do so) and communicate with us via video conferencing and emails so being able to focus and work by yourself is necessary.

At A New Normal, we provide support to our fantastic clients in the UK and across the world, creating and sustaining truly inclusive working environments. Why not get in touch to hear more?


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