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When it comes to inclusion, the small things make a big difference

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

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When it comes to creating and sustaining an inclusive culture at work, it's human nature to want to fix everything immediately, and that's often what we see in early conversations with new clients. We all want to get everything "fixed" immediately, and it can feel frustrating knowing that, when it comes to inclusion, there is no "silver bullet" which is going to change everything overnight.

We talk a lot about our three fundamentals to create and sustain a truly inclusive working environment:

  1. Leadership - No approach to inclusion within an organisation is going to work unless leaders are really and truly bought into making a difference. The reason for this is that without a clear imperative from the top, something else will ALWAYS be more important that making the effort required for true inclusion.

  2. Communication - and when we say communication, we mean an appetite for an organisation to have a meaningful conversation on the topic of inclusion. It has to be honest, two-way and without any "off limits" topics.

  3. Data - Organisations have to be able to identify where they are - from a demographic and experiential perspective - in order to be able to make meaningful decisions about where to go next and how to measure success.

These fundamentals are really important - as an organisation, things won't change without them. However, our experience tells us that each and every person working within an organisation is a gatekeeper of that organisation's culture. Every person working within a business sets an example to those around them, by what they do and say, and what they will and won't let go. We all have the opportunity to make a difference to the experience of our colleagues each day at work.

So this January, we're encouraging all our followers to think about the one small thing they can do differently to ensure that all their colleagues have a more positive 2023. It might be joining a community group at work, educating yourself about different life experiences, or finding out more about the importance of pronouns - all small things in themselves, but ones which add up to making a big difference.

We'd love to hear your resolutions - just make sure you click on the "See all results" button to be able to look at the full range of options you can select!

What one small thing is your 2023 inclusion resolution?

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