Growing diversity and inclusion at work

How we can help

We know the richness that diversity brings is amazing. That people should be celebrated for their differences and supported to make them spark together, for the good of your business. In fact, we want that to be the new normal.

We provide diversity and inclusion consultancy in London, Surrey, Hampshire and across the UK, helping our clients to build a diverse talent pool, and to create and sustain an inclusive working culture. 


Our expertise

Every business is different, so we work with you in a way that suits you – whether that means a one-off intervention, short-term consultancy, embedding someone in your team for the short term, or driving long-term culture change.


Culture change

We work with you to create and sustain a truly inclusive working culture.


Attracting new talent

We'll help you create and articulate your employee value proposition, to attract the broadest talent pool.


Inclusive hiring

From designing the right kind of job ads to shaping your recruitment, we’re experts in inclusive hiring.


 Diversity & Inclusion training

We run interactive workshops to help people understand unconscious bias and other topics.


Inclusive talent management

Our qualified coaches provide support for teams and individuals up to board level.


Communicating change

We design and implement 

communications strategies to maximise your inclusion work.

Why choose us?

Our multi-disciplinary team brings together considerable experience working right across the talent management lifecycle and supporting organisations as diverse as Audible, Bauer Media, Over the Wall, AND Digital, Novartis, Oxford Brookes University and Liberty Human Rights to design and implement their diversity and inclusion strategies and make changes to their culture.


Whether we’ve worked in-house or on a consultancy basis, we’re driven by our values. We live and breathe equality, diversity and inclusion and believe in it as a force for good – for your organisation and for the world.

What people say

From my first conversation with Trish, CEO at A New Normal, I knew that this was going to be a superb relationship. The team quickly developed a deep appreciation and understanding of what we are about, what makes us tick and where we wanted to go – simply put ‘they got it’.


It is rare to find a consultancy that is so willing to go the extra mile and ‘connects’ on an emotional level.  I cannot recommend A New Normal highly enough.




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