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Why clear statements of purpose on ED&I are critical

Clear statements of purpose around equity, diversity and inclusion are absolutely critical for organisations

As a member of the National Trust (the small Drivers are definitely their very best selves when running free in the countryside), I was really upset to see this article, which flags an anti-lgbt+ motion brought by a far-right member of the National Trust to the organisation's AGM. The idea that anyone could see participation in #Pride as "divisive" is just completely alien to all of us at A New Normal Ltd. Diving into the rabbit hole of this story, I was really heartened to see that National Trust have shared their perspective on this. And it's a really good example of how a clear statement of purpose on ED&I, woven through the organisation brings clarity to these issues.

The National Trust’s mission statement is – “for everyone, for ever” and that is certainly echoed in the statement they shared about this subject in what they say about this motion:

“The National Trust was founded for the benefit of everyone. We serve the whole of our wonderfully diverse society and we want to do that to the very best of our ability. This includes supporting our staff, volunteers and visitors to take part in cultural celebrations including Pride, which they have been doing for many years. This resolution does not align with our values and it runs counter to our ethos.
We urge our members to vote against this resolution and to help us keep the culture of understanding and respect that we are dedicated to fostering at the National Trust.
We fully support our staff, volunteers and visitors being able to take part in celebrations of LGBT+ society and history, including Pride.”

The work the trust is doing to research the impact of colonialism, and links to slavery present in some of its properties, as well as this clear statement of support for the LGBT+ community comes from a very clear ethos within the organisation, and one which shows how seriously the Trust takes its responsibilities to this core mission.

This article gives instructions as to how National Trust members can vote on this motion, as well as voting for the candidates to be elected to the council for the charity (the individual who brought this motion is also running for election).


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