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Resource Augmentation

We know that sometimes it feels like you need someone “in house” to support the implementation of your work around diversity and inclusion, but that sometimes you need short-term support before your approach is embedded as “business as usual”. 


That’s where our brilliant Diversity & Inclusion Specialists come into their own. Part time or full time, over a period of months, we can provide someone you can trust to work as part of your organisation and get things up and running. And you can do this safe in the knowledge that our specialists have the backing of the expertise of our whole company, so you can tap into the “hive brain” that is A New Normal. 

Shaping an inclusive future at Over The Wall

Over the Wall is an incredible charity which provides children with serious illnesses and conditions with the opportunity to have some serious fun at supported camps, both physically and virtually. We worked alongside Over the Wall to support them with a review of their employment and outreach activities to ensure that they were as inclusive and as representative as possible.


We supported Over the Wall in a number of different ways by:


  • Facilitating discussions internally to form a clear statement of intent and vision around diversity and inclusion.

  • Partnering with all functions through the organisation to review processes and ways of working.

  • Upskilling teams through interactive workshops on unconscious bias, the principles of diversity and inclusion, microaggressions and race at work.

  • Reviewing key processes and documentation and making recommendation about all elements of their working practices.

  • Helping the teams to fully understand the significance of representation.

  • Acting as a trusted advisor and sounding board both during internal group meetings, and one to one sessions with key stakeholders.

  • Advising on recruitment processes and activities at all levels, including at board level.


Our partnership with Over the Wall looked at both internal culture, and external ways of working, enabling them to move forwards in a difficult climate with confidence that they were working as inclusively as possible.

Over The Wall

From my first conversation with Trish, CEO at A New Normal, I knew that this was going to be a superb relationship. The team quickly developed a deep appreciation and understanding of what we are about, what makes us tick and where we wanted to go – simply put ‘they got it’.

A trusted advisor for Transport Focus

Transport Focus is the independent watchdog for transport users, putting the interests of transport users first and working to get the best deal for passengers and road users.

The organisation has a strong emphasis on evidence-based campaigning and research, ensuring that they know what is happening on the ground. This knowledge is used to influence decisions on behalf of passengers and road users to secure improvements and make a difference.

As a consumer rights champion, Transport Focus rightly recognises the importance of being able to fully represent all transport users they serve. We began working with the organisation in 2020, starting with an audit of their existing policies, practices and ways of working. We worked in partnership with our colleagues at great{with}talent to create and roll out a survey across the organisation to understand the perspectives of the people working within Transport Focus. This, along with our discovery interviews and research provided us with the insight to support Transport Focus with creating a strategy and plan of action.

As part of this plan of action, we worked with the leaders and board at Transport Focus, running education sessions and discussions. We then rolled out ED&I workshops throughout the organisation, with a particular focus on considering the evolution of working practices to ensure that Transport Focus is as representative as it can possibly be of all the transport users of the UK.

We also provided ad-hoc consultancy and support to the D&I Council at Transport Focus, as well as providing guidance on inclusive recruitment. We are proud to be a trusted advisor for Transport Focus, recognising the impact of this amazing organisation being as inclusive as possible.

Transport Focus

‘It was great working with the team at A New Normal to start our diversity and inclusion journey. Their workshops and practical support have helped us build a common understanding of diversity and inclusion across the organisation as well as developing our strategy and vision.’

Nigel Holden

Corporate Services Director at Transport Focus

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