Shaping Audible UK's culture of
diversity and inclusion

Audible is an industry-leading seller and producer of spoken audio entertainment, information, and educational programming. Audible’s people and audiences in the UK are at the heart of its business, and in 2019, the UK team decided they wanted to make a real shift in their approach to diversity and inclusion.


We’ve partnered with Audible to help them understand where they are presently, and to design a vision and series of strategies to move them forwards with their culture around D&I in the UK.


Our work has included:

  • Discovery sessions with employees and key teams to understand their perspectives on life at Audible and their ways of working.

  • Design and delivery of interactive workshops for the UK Leadership Team.

  • Supporting the creation of a vision statement and a plan of action to further embed inclusivity as a way of life in the UK business.

  • Designing and facilitating workshops for all UK employees to build their knowledge around diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias, with a particular focus on empowering individuals to make changes.


Trish has been an incredible partner over the last months as we have developed our diversity and inclusion vision and strategy.

She has engaged with our team brilliantly at all levels and across divisions though a series of workshops that have been a huge success for all stakeholders involved.

Richard Noble, Director of Communications at Audible UK