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Our partners

We have partnered with some incredible people and organisations who share our passion for creating a fully inclusive workplace for all.



Our discovery partner

When we need to establish where your diversity & inclusion baseline is, we partner with survey and data experts great{with}talent.


They've worked with over 2,000 companies to understand what their employees really think.

great{with}talent >


Our wellbeing partner

Luminate are experts in the field of wellbeing at work, and our go-to partners for anything in this space. 

Luminate >


Our disability consultancy partner

MyPlus provides progressive employers and students with disabilities with the confidence, insight and support they need to realise new possibilities. We're proud to partner with them when our clients need in-depth support in the disability space.

MyPlus >


Life and Wellbeing Coach

Our coaching partner

Graham Herbert CPCC (Certified Professional Coactive Coach) is a qualified and experienced life coach with over 30 years of corporate experience. His involvement in our discovery helps to understand the current D&I culture within the clients’ organisations  

Graham Herbert >


Our HR employee relations partner

Brian is our partner for all manner of operational HR support. He's an expert in policy, process and employee relations. 


It's Just Brian Hr >

bridge of hope.png

Our Recruitment Partner


Bridge of Hope Careers literally bridges the gap between progressive companies seeking a more inclusive workforce, and work-ready people from diverse and currently untapped pools of talent. 

Bridge of Hope Careers>

Screenshot 2020-10-01 at 11.45.50.png

Our HR strategy partner

Debra is an amazing partner for us, supporting with HR strategy. She also share's Trish's passion for coaching, in particular Nancy Kline's "thinking environment" 

Cadman HR >


Psychological Safety Partner


Ian is an expert in psychological safety and works to help leaders deliver people-led performance improvement by building resilient & aligned teams.


Anna Granta Neurodiversity coach.png

Our Coaching Partner


Anna is a Neurodiversity expert and speaker. She believes that adults with ADHD, ASD and Dyslexia are an asset to organisations and thrive in the right environment. She coaches neurodivergent adults and leaders to have greater impact at work

Anna Granta >

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