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Raising unheard voices - our goal for 2023

We know that within a workplace, and in wider society, we have very different experiences, depending on the various elements of our identities. We also know that if you fall into a group (or at that intersection of multiple groups) which are traditionally less powerful in society, then you’re less likely to have a positive experience. We believe that organisations need to hear from everyone who works for them to take action to address this inequality of experience, but ironically, if you’re part of a less powerful group, your voice is less likely to be heard.

That’s why 2023 will see us launching our most ambitious research project yet. We want to hear from as many people as possible about your experiences at work - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive report to share far and wide about trends when it comes to experiences at work, and what needs to happen to narrow the experience gap in all types of organisations. Our hope is that this will give organisations far and wide the opportunity to really understand what is going on in their sectors, and will galvanise them into action.

If you'd like to find out more about the project, you can get in touch with us


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