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Workshop Adjustments

All our clients are very different from one another, so all of our workshops are also different, depending on the company, subject matter and how much time we have. 


That said, there are some key elements which all our workshops will share, and we know it’s useful for people to have as much information as possible in advance of these sessions.

How to request support or adjustments


Our aim is always to ensure that all our participants have an equally positive experience in our workshops, so if there’s anything you need which will support your learning experience, you are always welcome to contact us, in complete confidence, so that we can make adjustments as needed. This is hugely important to us, so you should feel free to contact our Founder, Trish via her email address:  

How our virtual workshops typically run

We strongly believe that you can’t “train” people to be inclusive, so all of our workshops are very interactive, whether in person or remotely. 


At the start of our virtual sessions, we’ll always check whether everyone’s tech is working, and that includes cameras and microphones. It really helps the flow of the session if as many people as possible are on camera, but if this doesn’t feel comfortable, let us know, and we can agree on how that is positioned on the call. 


We encourage our participants to share as much as they are comfortable within the session, and if you would feel more comfortable using the chat function rather than speaking, that is absolutely something we can accommodate. 


We also usually have a couple of breakout sessions, where we put people into smaller groups for discussion. For those who feel uncomfortable with this, we can either put you in a group with people you feel really comfortable with (as long as this is possible with the attendee list), or you can be a quiet "off mic" observer for the group chat, or you can opt to hang out with your facilitators in the main breakout room and take a few minutes to reflect. 


How our in-person sessions usually run

As with our virtual sessions, our aim is that our in-person workshops are as interactive as possible. This typically takes the form of some whole group conversations, and some break out sessions where you will be working in smaller teams. As with our virtual workshops, if there are people you would feel more comfortable working with, please let us know.


We recognise that, particularly with larger group sessions, this can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, so please let us know how we can best support you in having the most positive experience. We're really happy to work with any accommodations or adjustments you need - just let us know. 


What you can expect if you share a requirement with us


Should you choose to entrust us with any additional information about your requirements, we’ll always treat this in complete confidence, and be guided by you as to how we can best support you through the session. 

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